Joyroom Tl2 airpod Digital Display True Wireless Earbuds with Emergency Power

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【Real-time power display】

Use a high-quality metal case to protect your wireless earphones, with a stylish appearance;

Real-time power display can help check the power of earplugs at any time;

【Large Capacity Battery】

Built-in 1500mAh large capacity polymer battery, which can provide a long time of listening and talking on a single charge. Low power chip, 40 hours long battery life;

【30 ° Ergonomic In-Ear Angle】

The lightweight design fits comfortably on your ears; the size of earplug provides personalized fit and comfort with no pain;

It can stay fixed even when exercising or running.

【Superior Stereo Quality】

Experience music, movies, podcasts, calls, etc. in a new way; JR-TL2 provides real sound effects;

【Noise Reduction】

CVC8.0 noise reduction technology with silicon microphone, binaural stereo, non-destructive noise reduction;

It creates excellent sealing effects to achieve excellent noise reduction effects; wide compatibility Bluetooth device.

【IPX5 waterproof】

no fear of heavy rain; real wireless earphones can prevent damage from sweat or rain; will not hinder the enjoyment of sports, music, and calls; it is very suitable for fitness, travel, etc.

Music time: about 3.5 hours

Talk time: about 3.5 hours

Charging time: about 2.5 hours

Headphone charging time: about 1.5 hours

Standby time: about 200 hours

Bilateral pairing operation

1 .Open the charging case, the earphone will automatically power on.

2. Take the earphone out of the charging case, the left /right earphone is automatically paired, and the main earphone flashes alternately with red light and blue light.

3 .Turn on the Bluetooth and search for the Bluetooth device " JR-TL2"

4 .Click on the connection. After the is successful, the prompt sound was " di".

5 .At this point, you can start listening to music and calling.

Note: For the first time, you need to manually connect the earphone. will automatically connect back to the last connected device next time( iPhone and Android phone connection is the same )

Single earphone pairing operation :

1 .Open charging case, take out the earphone and it will automatically power on.

2 .Take out the left /right earphone from the charging case and the earphone flashes red and blue light.

3 .Turn on the Bluetooth and search for the Bluetooth device " JR-TL2"

4 .Click on the connection.

After the connection is successful, the prompt sound was " di".

5 .At this point, you can start listening to music and calling.

Common operating instruction:

1-Turn on:

(1)Taking out the earphone from the charging case, and the earphone is automatically power on.

(2)Long press the touch area for 4 seconds.

2-Turn off:

(1)Put the earphones back in the charging case and will power on automatically.

(2)Automatically shut down without a paired device connection within 5 minutes after powering on.

(3)Long press touch area for 4 seconds.

3-Answer/hang-up: short press the touch area once.

4-Reject: long touch for 1 second, the prompt tone "DU".

5-Last song/next song: triple-click on the right/left touch area.

6-Play/pause: click on the touch area.


1-"JR-TL2" can be operated and by the left and right earphone touch function area during normal operation of the earphone.

2-If the earphone crashes, place the in the open charging case to reset the earphone ( provided the charging case is power on )

3-"JR-TL2" binaural earphones, support the automatic back connection of earphones, that is, the last connected device function.

4-After the " JR-TL2" binaural earphones are connected to Bluetooth or disconnected from Bluetooth if there is no operation, it will automatically shut down after more than 5 minutes.

5-JR-TL2" earphones are put into the charging case to charge by themselves.

After being fully charged, the light will go out.

Next time you use the earphone, they will automatically connect the last device that has been connected.

6-Earphones reset all settings: press and hold the two earphones touch area at

the same time until the red and blue lights alternately flash, the red and blue lights of two earphones will flash 3 times, the last one will flash red and blue twice, and the other will have no light flash.

It means that the two earphones are successfully paired and wait for the Bluetooth pairing status with the mobile phone.

At this time, connect the Bluetooth.

7-The earphone is put into the charging case, the earphone is automatically powered off, the charging case automatically charges the earphone, and it will automatically power off when power full.

8-Wear the left/right earphones and put them back into the charging case.

Due to the structural design characteristics of the product, put the left earphone back into the right position of the charging case and the right earphone back into the left position of the charging case after using the earphone.


If your earphones cannot be paired with your phone, try the following steps:

1-please make sure the earphone is fully charged.

2-please make sure the earphones are turned on.

3-Make sure earphones are not connected to other devices.

4-Please make sure your phone's Bluetooth function is normal and Bluetooth is turned on.

5-Make sure the distance between earphones and phone is within the connectable range.

6-Please try to restart the earphone.

(put the earphone back to the charging case, turn it off; then open the charging case cover and wait for the earphone to automatically pair successfully, take it out from the charging case, re-open the Bluetooth to reconnect)

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